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Time Management
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Concealed Weapons Detection Camera

BIS-WDS™ Prime is an automated-target-recognition-based concealed weapons detection system that combines a millimeter wave camera and full motion video camera to detect weapons in a maximum time of 3/10 second.




Border Observation Post/Tower

EV-3000 is designed for long range surveillance up to 4 km human recognition, EV 3000 has many options as:

1- IR laser illuminator up to 3 km

2- Wireless link up to 50 km

3- IR thermal camera range up to 20 km

4- uncooled thermal camera range up to 4 km

5- Vehicle Mounting kit

6- Tower platform

7- Ground Radar to detect human, vehicle, and Truck with range from 1 up to 7 km

  • Rugged, Sealed and Pressurized to IP68
  • Color Video Camera at day times
  • At night times or low lights condition, camera switch to Gen III Night Vision 
  • PAL or NTSC
  • Full remote control ( RS 232, RS 482, TCP/IP)
  • Pan/Tilt Mil St
  • different selection of lenses are available for mid and long range
  • Wiper, and washer options
  • 12 VDC, 24 VDC, 110/220 VAC options
  • Vehicle mount, Tower, and tripod mount available

Options :

Long Range IR Illuminator up to 3 km

Long range cooled IR  thermal camera with detection range 20 km

Un-cooled IR thermal camera 

Radar detection for personal and vehicles

Laser rangefinder with detection range up to 20 km

Video Link wireless long range. Analog, Digital, and Satellite link.

Special camera enclosures; explosion proof, bullet proof, pressurized. 

Day Night Rugged Camera








Eagle Vision Search & Rescue Camera

Search camera for Airport, Harbor, and border application
a pole camera, a swat camera, and a telescopic video camera
Now with Wireless and Thermal IR as options


  • Dual IR/Color Camera , rugged waterproof housing
  • 6.4" color LCD  Display in rugged housing
  • Integrated 24 Element  LED Illumination with Dual Output
  • Extension pole allows viewing into a second story window, onto the roof of a one-story building / Truck from ground level
  • Waterproof Camera Head
  • Two (2) Rechargeable Batteries with Lithium and AA Batteries as emergency Back-up, Smart Charger with led indicators
  • Sunshield LCD case
  • Hard case 
  • Full One Year Warranty
  • Made in the USA




The Vehicle Inspection System

 is a video camera designed for security professionals to inspect the undercarriage of vehicles. The system was created to provide a method to quickly and easily visualize the entire underside of a vehicle. The system incorporates a high-resolution color video camera with a fully integrated illumination system to provide clear views under day and night lighting conditions. Operational flexibility is maximized by the detachable color LCD video display. The system can be used with the display attached for efficient one hand operation allowing the officer to cover his weapon in high-risk searches. With the display detached, the operator is free to move the display to increase comfort or optimize viewing. With optional display extension cables, the display can be used over 30’ away from the probe. The form fitted sunshield enhances display viewing in bright sunlight conditions.




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